08 course project-powerpoint | Biology homework help

You will create a PowerPoint document that will cover the topics and content that was discussed in both of your course project written assignments on your pathological condition which is “AUTISM”. You will be assessed upon the content within the PowerPoint document, the organization of your content, the aesthetics of the PowerPoint document, and reference page. There is not specific requirement for total number of pages in your PowerPoint document, but your PowerPoint presentation that is due at the end of Module 11 will have a 5-10 minute time requirement.





Points Possible


 Overall content presented for required content/topics, organization of the content and PowerPoint document, amount of content on each slide, and reference page for APA formatting.



 Use of PowerPoint document templates, color scheme and view ability of  document, and overall look of PowerPoint document/slides, use of titles and image formatting



 Correct grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation.




                                                                             Total points possible