2-3 page research paper | Psychology homework help


Objective: Students are to write a 2-3 paged paper on a researched psychopath or sex offender.




Directions: Read chapters 4, 5 and 6 in your Forensic Psychology textbook to gain an understanding of psychopaths and sex offenders. Then identify and research one real psychopath or sex-offender (living or dead). Write a paper that includes the following information:




1. A biography of the psychopath or sex-offender that you have chosen. Include the crimes that they committed, and specifically describe how they meet the criteria for psychopath or sex-offender.




2. Pretend that you are the psychologist who is assigned to treat this individual. Describe in detail some of the instruments/tools that you would use to assess risk and diagnose this individual.




3.Describe how you personally feel about treating such an individual and include your opinion on the rehabilitative capacity of the individual.






1. This paper should be strongly based on the information contained in your chapter readings and should include a reference page. (the reference page does not count toward the 2-3 page length  requirement.




2.This assignment should be typed and no larger than 12 font.




3. Spelling and punctuation count!!!



4. NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!!!