2-please answer based on these answers as they are listed, each one


4-So far, parts of the projects have been implemented and they seems to be working well. Such as having addition staff during late afternoon to have enough help when resident are getting agitated and one on one sitter with new resident. The evaluation of these aspects are ongoing. After dissemination of the results and once its full implementation has begun in the selected facility, the researcher will conduct another survey after 3 months to establish the effectiveness of such implementation. The survey will examine the extent to which the findings have been implemented and the difference it has brought.



5-According to Coppenrath, Filosa, Akselrod, and Carey (2017), Fresno test (FT) is the best test to evaluate knowledge with its 12 questions with different forms and clinical scenarios and in 30 min. When it comes to the clinical practice different approach is needed Ginex (2018) says. Assessing prospective hindsight is a vital part of planning to disseminate the project Ginex (2018). 

What I see at work, audits are a very effective tool to assess the success of the practice. I will need to create a system on how to track all children with NAS, and then audit their chart for assessment and the time for admission to NICU and discharge from NICU so the results can be compared to the children that fall through the crack, or have an inadequate assessment. Another way to compare is to have some children assessed the old way and some the new way and compare the results. Lenka

Coppenrath, V., Filosa, L. A., Akselrod, E., & Carey, K. M. (2017). Adaptation and Validation of the Fresno Test of Competence in Evidence-Based Medicine in Doctor of Pharmacy Students. American journal of pharmaceutical education, 81(6), 106. doi:10.5688/ajpe816106

Ginex, P. Use these methods to evaluate EBP outcome and disseminate results. Retrieved from https://voice.ons.org/news-and-views/use-these-methods-to-evaluate-ebp-outcomes-and-disseminate-results



6-One of the tools I will use is evaluation questionaire with the staffs. I will also look into the fall statistics that is usually generate in quality improvement meetings Monthly. The statistics will give a clear picture of fall rates, then I will know if it has increase or decrease. I will use that information to compare with the response of the interview.