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Please read the following instructions and write a 3 pages essay.I have attached all the required reading resources.


Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals Section 2 The Categorical Imperative


Reminder this is a reading quiz. As usual, isolate the quotes from the text FIRST and then give your exegesis of the quotes in an interpretive paragraph to follow.

Explain Kant’s tirade against making happiness or the good life the basis for ethics, explain carefully his arguments on pp. 27-28 and their relation to the Monkey’s Paw and Pickle stories (to discuss in class).


Distinguish the self-contradiction test from the moral worth test. Can you pass the first without passing the second?


Explain all four examples of the categorical imperative test, (pp. 30-32) with the following in mind. Distinguish Kant’s self-contradiction test from Grandma’s Theory of “what if everybody did that”? Explain the difference between the perfect duties of examples 1 and 2, and the imperfect duties of 3 and 4 and show that both compel assent from a perfectly rational and free will.


What is the real pay off of the self-contradiction test? What does it reveal in us that opens up the secret of the ethical universe according to Kant?


See Attached files please. and use primary sources ONLY.

THE Book: Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals, Ellington, trans. 3rd Edition (Hackett, 1993).


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