5 page paper (pro dan)

I need someone to write a 5 pages APA paper (not including title and reference pages) with at least five research articles published in peer-reviewed journals (published in the past 5 years), that assesses the relationship between substance use disorders and psychosis. Select an explanatory model that you feel best explains the relation between substance abuse and psychosis in co-occurring disorders. Include in your paper, the following information:

Explore the issue of whether or not substance abuse can cause psychosis.
Discuss psychotic-like symptoms that that may be due to physiological or neurological effects of substance abuse, such as intoxication, hallucinosis, or withdrawal.
Explore examples of self-medication as a reaction to psychotic symptoms and how this may lead to a substance use disorder.
Discuss any other factors (e.g., environmental, genetic) that may lead to developing a mental illness and/or substance use disorder.
Address effective approaches to treatment for patients dually diagnosed with psychosis and a substance use disorder.