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Minimum 600 words-



For our last Forum you will propose a research study, putting in practice everything we have learned this term about conducting research. You will not be performing statistical analyses on data as this is a proposal for a hypothetical study, but you are required to include in the proposal a method of analysis and explain why you have chosen that particular method. Your study will need to include the following information:

1. The topic (or what you are proposing studying) accompanied by an explanation of why you have chosen the topic
2. The hypothesis (this could be in the form of a question or stating the Ho or the Ha
3. The study participants
(aka its population or subjects)
4.A proposed sampling method
5. A proposed data gathering method  
6. A proposed method of analysis (determined by whether you are proposing a qualitative or quantitative study)
7. A paragraph description of what your study would contribute to the field of psychology body of evidence-based, scientific knowledge

8. A paragraph description of practical, ethical and legal concerns relevant to the gathering of information used to develop your research proposal, methods used to gather data during the proposed study and secure management of it following.