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Question 1 (125 Words)


Many of you are concerned with the image others have of you. To alter people’s images, you might behave, act, and present yourself in a certain way. In other words, many people attempt to control the impression others form of them. This process is known as impression management. 

In this discussion post: 


vExplain a situation in which you engaged in impression management. Why?


vDiscuss whether you believe that you engage in impression management often. Why, or why not?


vProvide examples of people from your life who you believe engage in impression management, and discuss why you believe this person acts this way.




Question 2 (125 Words)




Identify one ad, evaluate it, and then answer the following questions in your discussion post: 


vWhat product does this ad attempt to market, and where is the ad from? (provide a website link or upload the picture)




vWhich component(s) of attitudes (e.g., affective, behavioral, cognitive) does this ad appeal?




vHow can you tell, and do you think this was a good strategy for this product/audience?