Adolescent psychology paper | Psychology homework help

Choose a topic that is related to some aspect of Child and Adolescent psychology.  You will need at least four (4) academic journal articles as sources for your paper.  All of your sources need to come from peer-review journals–magazines, newspapers and other non-peer-review sources are not acceptable. The articles should be recent—published within the last five years.  You will need to choose articles that are all topical to your subject at hand.


Paper should be a synthesis of these articles, thus the articles you choose need to have a common thread.  They all need to be about various aspects of the same topic.  (Example: You may choose to write your paper on Identity Formation, or the Attachment Relationship between parent and child.  Thus, all of your articles should have either Identity Formation or Attachment as the focus.)  Important: the paper should focus on current research, not background information that could be found in a textbook.  If you research identity formation, for example, I do not want to read about how it has been conceptualized for the last 50 years by Erikson; I want to read about what current research is being conducted, the outcomes that have been found, and how the topic has been re-conceptualized based on new findings.


Your paper should include a title page, and Introduction, a Main Body with appropriate section headings, a Conclusion, and Reference section. All citations must be in APA (American Psychological Association) format. A Web-site on APA format is provided for you in the Webliography of this course. This paper should be between 4 and 5 pages in length (not including title page and reference page), double-spaced, and have one-inch margins all around.


**I do use Turnitin to check plagarism before I submit payment in full**