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ADRP Prospectus

Using research of the current literature on the topic selected and relevant to quality management and productivity, prepare a 5–8-page prospectus response complying with the formatting and content instructions below.


· Minimum of 5 pages and maximum of 8 pages, double spaced, not including title page, abstract, and reference page

· Current APA format

· Minimum of 10 scholarly journal references; each reference must be less than 10 years old

· Reference page in current APA format, including active, permanent/stable URL links (for online resources)

· Double space between references and single space within the reference


· A title page that includes:

o Course number and name

o Case name

o Student name

o Date submitted

o Respectfully submitted to: (instructor’s name)

· Abstract

· Concepts from the literature synthesized into the prospectus format with the following sections required:

§ Problem Statement

§ Purpose Statement/Research Questions

§ Conceptual Framework

§ Hypothesis/Hypotheses (supported by literature review citations and based on level of empirical knowledge gained from the review of the literature)

§ Selected Research Approach/Rationale for This Approach

· How the data will be measured

· How the data will be collected

· How the data will be analyzed

· How will conclusions be drawn

· What limitations exist

§ Expected contributions of the research and expected outcomes

§ Summary