Analyzing the first two episodes of the terror as if they were a

Write 250 words analyzing the first two episodes of The Terror as if they were a short story. This DB will be graded according to the ENGL 1 A/B/C Grading Rubric and will count towards your DB grade.

Focus your analysis (e.g. on a character, a scene, the setting, a theme, etc.). Support your analysis with details from the show and explain the significance of your insights.

Pick a focus that interests you. If you’re feeling stuck, here are some ideas to get started: identify and analyze an uncanny moment or element; pick something that startled you and begin brainstorming about why you were surprised using denotations and connotations; or, make a connection between The Terror and one of the reading/viewing/listening assignments from Week 1, analyze specific points to demonstrate that connection, and explain why that connection matters.

Tip #1) if you don’t remember a character’s name, describe their actions.

Tip #2) it is ok if you don’t understand every part of the plot, and it is also ok to pick something ambiguous or confusing to analyze. 

Tip #3) feel free to read about the show online, but beware of spoilers if you want to watch the rest of the season.

don’t exceed 250 words