Anatomy and physiology research paper

Human Anatomy & Physiology

Research Project Format



INTRODUCTION: The introduction should include a definition of the topic from either an anatomical and/or a physiological perspective. It should be brief describing the organ system/s affected and whether or not its’ origin is derived from a genetic/congenital, developmental, environmental or behavioral causation.



BODY OF THE PAPER: The body of the research paper should include the following discussion areas:

          a) a detailed description of the anatomic abnormality of the system/s


          b) a detailed description of the alteration in normal physiology and

              impact on the physiological state created by the abnormality

          c) what differentiating characteristics are seen between males and

              females with this condition

          d) any potential abnormalities that may be passed on to the next


          e) a generalized discussion of treatment for the patient

          f) a discussion of the prognosis for the patient



CONCLUSION: The conclusion should summarily state what the abnormality is, what significant changes it has created in human anatomy & physiology and what the prognosis is for a patient with this problem.



The paper should utilize either APA formatting, New Times Roman, 12 point Font and be at least 6 pages in length. You should have a minimum of 3 peer reviewed references and proper citations.