Answer questions and summarize articles

The Bechdel Test     the reason we are doing the project below in parenthesis read then answer the questions below

 (Our menu will be Art and Literature Analysis in which we will be each choosing a movie that has female leads. Then testing to see if the movies we watch are doing the same thing as in Frozen. We will also be observing to see if these male characters that are having more screen time are discussing topics that are of more importance than that of the lead characters. We will then take our data and create a graph to better show what our results were. We will then take our results and compare them to others how have also done this same test)

Use bullet points, describe the rationale for this project

1. (i.e., What makes your group interested in this topic)? 

2.In what way your group project ties to this course: Psychology of Diversity? 

3.Clearly describe/define about specific concept/theme your group would like to explore? 

4. What relevant published studies have addressed your chosen topic? 

5. Summarize/integrate/consolidate 3-4 journal articles that your group have read.   

Below are the 4 article to Summarize/integrate/consolidate