Applied final project – scholarly paper

Subject: Sarcopenia


Scholarly Paper Subject Article: Sarcopenia, obesity, and natural killer cell immune senescence in aging: Altered cytokine levels as a common mechanism (Attached as PDF)

In this assignment, you are required to write a scholarly paper that summarizes a particular aspect of aging research. The final paper will need to be ~7 double spaced pages (approximately 2500-3000 words), excluding title and bibliographic pages.  This is a scholarly paper about a review article (a scientific paper, written for scientists that reviews what is currently known about a subject) or a research article (generally the result of a single (highly significant) experiment in series of related experiments). 


You will be required to include the following sections:

1)      The importance of the subject to aging research in general

2)      An analysis of the article such that fellow class members will understand it without additional research.

3)      Information on how the mechanism of the condition discussed contributes to aging

4)      How the information revealed in the article may lead to treatments or cures

Within in those sections you must address the following course outcomes:

1)      Demonstrate an understanding of cellular structure and function in order to define homeostasis in aging


2)      Examine cellular interactions within tissues and between organ systems in order to recognize factors that contribute to mental and physical well-being


3)      Define the developmental processes involved in cellular maturation in order to make informed decisions about health maintenance and disease prevention throughout the human lifespan


4)      Apply knowledge of human aging to influence decision making in economics and public health policy


Make sure to include a Reference section in which you provide the full citation of your chosen articles and any additional materials you used to prepare your paper; a full citations includes: title of the article, authors, the scientific journals in which the articles were published, the volume and year of the publication, and the URL where this article can be viewed. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A SOURCE. If you decide to read off Wikipedia make sure to go to the source information (usually given at the bottom of the page) to confirm that the information has been transferred and cited accurately. Usually Wikipedia is correct (on scientific matters), but articles change – so cite the original sources.


The following criteria will be used when grading your paper:

55 % for presentation of correct and accurate scientific information

25% for properly adapting writing style to audience (they are taking an upper level biology course)

10% for the full and proper citation of reference materials


10% for the proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph construction