Article assignment 4 | Biology homework help


For your fifth article assignment you will need to read the two articles attached and write a short discussion paper related to community health centers.  In the top right hand corner of your paper include your name, course number and date (single spaced).  A title page and/or reference page isn’t required. However, within the body of your paper you must appropriately cite your work (i.e. the use of direct quotes, etc.). Watch the videos below as part of your assignment. You can also reference these videos within your summary if you choose to do so.  The content of  your summary must be at least 2 1/2 typed pages (doubled space, Time New Roman 12 font, using APA writing style). Please staple your assignment.  

As part of your summary discuss the following aspects of the articles you read:  1) what is a community health center, 2) when and how were community health centers established 3) why are community health centers important to both the medical system and the public health system in the U.S., 4) how can community health centers decrease health disparities and 5) if federal and state funding is cut for community health centers in Mississippi what are the medical and public health implications for those living in our state?  Specifically, discus how funding cuts would affect disparate populations in Mississippi.