Assignment 2: evaluation of a weight loss program

Evaluation of a Weight Loss Program


Many Americans believe that they are overweight, from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Because of this, weight loss systems are big business. For this assignment you are to select weight loss system and evaluate it in terms of the information about the physiology of ingestive behavior covered this week.


  • Find a Web site/brochure/popular article/advertising about weight control that proposes a mechanism for loss of excess weight.
  • Document the key proposals in terms of the main claims for success  for the program (for example: restriction of fat, small portions).
  • Describe the reasons provided for the effectiveness of the program (for example: A full stomach reduces hunger, etc.).
  • Discuss the physiological components involved in the weight loss program. Clearly express an understanding of the physiology of the process of hunger, satiation, eating, and drinking as relevant for the weight loss method being described (for example: Long periods between meals would be likely to reduce blood sugar levels).
  • Present a critique of the materials based on the module information on eating and weight regulation.
  • Evaluate the proposal and suggest whether you would try this weight loss system or recommend it to someone else. Explain why or why not.