Assignment 2: us environmental policy vs. european environmental


US policy sometimes differs from policy approaches in other countries. The OSHA is the agency that enforces standards designed to protect employees from hazardous exposures in the work environment. OSHA standards are a form of public policy about workplace safety. The European Environmental Agency is an agency within the European Union that includes functions that are similar to those of OSHA.

For this assignment:

  • Locate and review the important 1980 US Supreme Court decision regarding the proposed change in OSHA benzene permissible occupational exposure limit by searching the Internet for “I.U.D. v. A.P.I., 448 U.S. 607, 655.” OSHA had proposed lowering the occupational exposure limit from 10 ppm (parts per million over eight hours as a time weighted average) to 1 ppm. The Supreme Court overturned OSHA’s decision and required that the exposure limit remain at 10 ppm on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence of harm to workers from exposure at 1 ppm. Review the majority opinion of the Supreme Court and the scientific issues discussed in the decision.
  • Using the Internet, your textbook, and the South University Online Library, research comparisons between the European Environmental Agency policies and regulations and the policy and regulation approaches in the United States.
  • Write a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document highlighting major differences and similarities between the US policy compared to the European policy on benzene in the workplace.
  • Describe what happened in the US Supreme Court decision in 1980 with regard to benzene, with a brief overview of the historical context of the decision and OSHA’s role in regulating US workplace safety.
  • Describe some of your own observations and opinions regarding this case. Justify your response using at least two resources beyond your course textbook and lectures.