Bio 204 week 1 mitosis lab

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Mitosis: Cell Phases


The phases of mitosis can be observed by staining cells of rapidly growing tissue so the chromosomes can be seen. You have read about each phase separately, but remember that mitosis is a continuous process and that the phases (designated by human observers for your convenience) really merge from one to the next.


Review the phases of mitosis in your text. Pay particular attention to the photographs of real cells undergoing mitosis. 


Complete the table with the following:


·         For each phase, in 40–60 words, describe in your own words (paraphrase) the major events that occur in the cell. What would you expect the cell or nucleus to look like in each phase? Could you see the chromosomes and the nuclear membrane? If you could see the chromosomes, how would you expect them to be arranged?

·         Provide a drawing that you create of what the cell would look like in each phase (Suggestion – take pictures and upload the pictures and imbed them here).


·         Include your references and in-text citations.  APA formatted references should go at the end of this document and each response should have an in-text citation.