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: Pathologies (diseases) that afflict the human body are intriguing topics and are of great concern and interest in a Human Biology course. The health effects and clinical manifestations are wide spread and may impact various body systems. Therefore, for this assignment, you are to select a human pathology (disease) and describe in detail how it affects the human body. You will be expected to discuss clinical signs/symptoms, identify the pathogen (what organism causes the disease), its pathogenesis, epidemiology, and possible treatments/cures, and why the disease is more or less prevalent in developed nations (i.e. disease prevalence in first vs. third world nations and how this may relate to cultural differences). The paper must be 5 pages in length, have at least 7 references, and written in APA format. The manuscript is worth 200 points.






In addition to your manuscript, you will create a PowerPoint which summarizes the major topics in the manuscript. Your PowerPoint will be expected to be 10-15 slides with a maximum of four bullet points per slides. In addition to a brief amount of text, your PowerPoint must contain images, graphs, or charts that