Biology research homework ( 2 hours)

Dr. Herod spoke of a few concepts (methods, systems, designs, etc.) that we have learned about in class. Explain one aspect of Dr. Herod’s work that relates to something you learned about in this course. 


This is some concepts that we learned in the class choose ONE that related to this research

·      Experimental Design:

1. Independent, Dependent, Constant, Covariate, and Confounding Variable

3.   Positive and Negative Controls

4.   True replication, pseudoreplication, and determining statistical power

·      Research Methods

1.   Metabolic rate measures and methods

2.   Research Methods: Cell Culture Techniques 

3.   DNA sequencing/mapping

4.   NMR Spectroscopy


·      Statistics

·      Study Systems





5.     Come up with a broad, open-ended framework question that seems to capture the scope of Dr. Herod’s research. Provide two examples of specific questions she used to guide her experiments.







6.     Write a reflection on this research seminar. What did you like and why? What didn’t you like and why? Did you think it was or was not appropriate for her audience and why?