Biology short answers | Biology homework help

short answers :


1. . Describe the scientific method.  In what ways do youuse the scientific method in everyday life?

2. . Give an example of each, monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide and the role they play in the body.

3. Name the four types of nitrogenous-bases found in DNA.

4. Describe the process of DNA replication.

5. Explain why predation is a strong selective pressure.



6. ( watch an evolution documentary ).What was your understanding of evolution before and then after watching the documentary? 

b. Provide an example of evolution covered in the documentary.

7. Explain how the structure and arrangement of alveoli make them well suited for their role in gas exchange.  

8.            What is the function of the loop of Henle, the collecting duct, and antidiuretic hormones in the urinary system?

9.a.              What is the difference between the endocrine glands and the exocrine glands?

b.              List the four parts of a neuron, and explain each ones special function.

10. Plants have a very unique anatomy, what parts of the plant are male and what parts are female?

11. What stages of development occur before the fertilized egg reaches the uterus?

12. Human cloning, is it ethical? Explain your reason for being for or against human. cloning.