Biologylabs on-line | Biology homework help

Need 2 BiologyLabs On-Line to be completed by 2000 today. $20 each. Enzyme Lab and Mitochondria Lab. 


This is what the professor expects:


 “What I expect from Lab Reports 

The lab component of the course represents a significant portion of your final grade. You should approach each lab planning to devote perhaps two to three hours to its completion. This should include reviewing what the lab’s aims are, the procedures or protocols involved, analyzing the data and writing up your report. 


Log on to Biology Labs On –Line and familiarize yourself with the program. Read about the particular lab you are engaged with at that time. Preview each of the assignments so that they make sense to you as you proceed through the lab. Record all of your data carefully. Some of the data are recorded by the program but you will want to take notes as you go along. Answer the questions in the Assignments that have been assigned to you for that particular lab. You should “cut and paste” date that you generate in the form of tables or graphs directly into your reports at the appropriate places. For the report, follow the example that follows. Remember, your report must be submitted as a Microsoft Word .doc file or as a Word .docx file. Reports will not be accepted in any other format. “