In this you only need to read:

-Buddhism 10 commandments

-Monastic Robes in Theravada Buddhism

– A Buddhist Monk in Thailand “Happiness is my Duty”



For Homework on this section please-

1. Fill in the blank/ complete the chart/ or answer the questions on a separate page on the Significance of the Saffron Robe-  you should be able to answer these questions after reading the section about Monastic Robes. Answer these questions as if you were a monk living by these rules.

2. After reading Reincarnation- imagine that you believe in this practice of the afterlife- if you were reincarnated, who/ what would you become in your next life and why?  Be as creative and imaginative as you want here.

3.  Has there ever been a time in your life when you believe you have reached the Buddhist definition of Nirvana? What was it like?  What was the feeling?  If you have never felt you have reached this ‘state’  what would be necessary in your life to obtain this feeling of elation and freedom?