Can anyone write this paper? urban social work

Dear Students, this assignment is designed to help you to prepare for mastery of Social Work
Competency #2: Engage Diversity and Difference in Practice. Specifically, in terms of
outcomes and expected Behaviors, you should: Gain sufficient self-awareness to eliminate
the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse groups, practice personal
reflection, attend to professional roles and boundaries, substantively and affectively prepare
for action with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities, and
demonstrate the use of empathy and other interpersonal skills.
1) You will provide a brief autobiographical sketch that will allow you to practice personal
reflection regarding personal biases and values when engaging with diverse and different
persons and environments.
a. Specifically, what is your history? What are your values, your biases against
others that are different from you? Be honest. Demonstrate productive selfawareness.
This section is worth 25% of your grade.
2) What are your strengths in terms of your affective processes including empathy,
perception and authenticity, and how did they develop from your life history?
a. One example from a past student was the experience of growing up with her
grandmother who had advanced Parkinson’s disease. As a daughter in an
immigrant family, she was expected to participate in the direct care of her
grandmother, and this experience prepared her in many ways to master multiple
social work competencies. She became interested in the professional social work
practice in the area of gerontology, and dedicated her professional education and
career to helping to advance the knowledge and care of all persons with
Parkinson’s disease. This section is worth 25% of your grade.
3) Connect with your text (Chapter 5 should be most helpful) along with some of our class
discussion regarding at least four communication skills and inter and intra personal skills
that you possess, and/or want to develop so that you can master Competency #2. When
discussing these four skill areas, reference exactly where in the text you gained your
information. This section is worth 25% of your grade.
4) Correct grammar and clarity of thought must be present throughout the assignment. This
section is worth 25% of your grade.