Jailya Wooden

Walden University

March 5, 2020

The topic I am dealing with is criminal behavior. It is defined as any covert or overt law breaking behavior in a certain state or country that is punished through conviction there are two main categories of criminal behavior. They include violent crimes and property crimes. Property crimes entails things like theft, fraud, burglary, pick pocketing and all things of that sort. This kind of criminal behavior normally involve an individual or a group of people stealing property from other people. It can be in the streets, in their homes or even in work places. Bank thefts are also under this category,

Violent crimes include robbery, sex crimes, domestic violence and homicide. These kind of crimes are the ones that bring harm to people. Violence is forcing someone to do something without caring whether you hurt them or kill them. Such crimes are treated with a lot of seriousness cases of sex crimes especially and domestic violence are the ones that appear a lot of time, (Gurnell, 2019). Any kind of violence at home is under this category. The law is now keen on everyone who abuses a family member, a spouse or a child and if found guilty they are convicted without any exceptions. In criminal behavior there are other categories like public order crimes which involve the use of illegal drugs, public disturbance like blocking roads, dangerous demonstrations, acts that affect others and also prostitution. We also have white collar crimes like public officials committing an offence or individuals committing an offence to the entity or corporation where they work.

Domestic violence

This is a problem that affects the large society. It is an issue of interest to me because I have grown up witnessing it around me. When I was around 12 years of age, my family was living next to a man who used to beat up his wife all the time. He always had a reason for his behavior. Sometimes it was alcohol, other times he claimed the wife was rude and other times there was never an explanation. After moving, we settled in a place where a certain boy was being physically abused by his aunt and subjected to child labor. I have also interacted with a couple of people from different places who have gone through similar situations if not worse. I have a strong feeling that this problem is all over in our society and it gets over looked a lot.

Domestic violence involves physical, emotional and psychological abuse. When a relative, guardian or spouse abuses you in any of the three ways that qualifies to be termed as domestic abuse. So many people suffer in silence because they think that they have no alternative but they do, (Liem, & Koenraadt, 2018). There have been cases of people being killed by their spouses or parents leaving children with serious bruises and no one reports it. The law now has its eyes on such cases. This is a case under criminal law and anyone who is found guilty is convicted. Domestic violence affects a family a lot and those that experience it get serious consequences. There have been cases of people sinking into depression because of domestic violence and others developing complications related to stress. Most children who grow up witnessing this develop mental, social and emotional issues.


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