career in psychology no plagiarism


Career in Psychology

Critical thinking and research are important components for academic success. Research is required through scholarly sources which can be located within the library site. Research can also be obtained from internet reliable sources such as .gov., .org., edu. You are to locate scholarly reliable sources that will assist you in creating your responses. Establishing a foundation of solid research skills will assist you throughout the course. 

  • Required reputable sources through the internet and/or through the library. Refer to at least 2 sources; 1 internet; gov, .edu, .org and 1 library scholarly source from the library relating to any specific career field of psychology that you are interested in as a future career. Your sources should provide factual points related to the intended career. 
  • After your research your sources you are to:
    • Put all your information in bullet format, not paragraph format. 
    • Identify which career area you have selected and give a solid description of the career field, job description, education required, salary range, future outlook characteristics needed, your personal characteristics to compliment the career, and how this course will assist you in the selected career.
    • Provide substantial information to fully connect to the intended career.
    • No quotes, rephrase all information.
    • Give the references in APA format on its own Reference page (2 sources)
    • Cover page required in APA format
    • Minimum word count for the content pages should be 550-750