Case presentation | Psychology homework help

(Choose a character from a movie or television show that you believe can be diagnosed with a certain disorder. Then follow the guideline to write a case analysis. Fill in each section as it pertains to your character.  Be specific, detailed and direct without naming specific diagnoses until that section.  Each section will vary in length as long as you complete all sections.  You want to give the students a good idea about who it is by not totally giving it away.  

Identifying Information:

            Initials of client



            Notable physical attributes

            Medical/health conditions

Family Information:

            Relevant background

            Who lives in the household


Presenting Information:

            Presenting problem in client’s words

            Presenting problem in therapist’s assessment

            Duration and severity of problem

Treatment Information:

            Any medical conditions

            On any medications

            On any substances

Occupational information


            Work status


            Important events/stressors

            Support network


            Axis I

            Axis II

            Axis III

            Axis IV

            Axis V

Treatment Plan:

            Therapeutic approach (e.g. cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic)

            What would you address in therapy (What areas/issues are pertinent?)

            Referrals you would make – (e.g. psychiatrist, groups, AA)

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