Case study 1 | Nursing homework help


Gladys is an LPN working second shift at a hospital about 1 mile from her home. She is a recent widow and mother of two teenage boys. She is 20 pounds overweight and has high blood pressure. She works long hours to support her family, but still has trouble making ends meet. She has a poor diet and doesn’t exercise. Gladys says she doesn’t exercise because she is too busy. She likes to cook for her sons and makes large meals of pancakes, bacon, and fried eggs for breakfast most days. Dinners usually consist of quick prepackaged meals because they are inexpensive and fast. Gladys has been experiencing significant stress that has started to impact her life and work. Gladys came in today at the request of both her supervisor and her physician.

Your supervisor asks that you submit your evaluation of the case within a professional report. In this report, describe the challenges you see for Gladys. In addition, develop an innovative solution plan for Gladys addressing each of the identified challenges including a timeline for implementation.

Assignment Directions

The report should be on topic, original, and have clear foundations in evidence-based approaches. Assignments should be at least 3 pages double spaced, not including title page and references.