Case study 2: buenas dias

CASE ANALYSIS 2 (Required to Complete Turnitin Check Before Forum Submission)
**Pay attention to the Case Analysis Grading Rubric found in the Application Assignment/Case Analysis Resources folder in Getting Started section.**
This case analysis requires you to analyze a family enterprise case situation, answer questions, and demonstrate knowledge based on information gained from prior and current course material by applying one concept from the course material in your response to each question.  Course concept material that you use may come from the readings, audio lectures, and/or required videos.  In addition, two credible external sources (outside of course material and at least one for each question) are required to support your case analysis.  Please see below.
Assigned Case:
Read the following case by clicking on the link:  Buenas Diaz
Answer the following questions:

Question 1
In order to maximize the likelihood that Carlos and Maria will agree to allocate money for the restaurant renovations, how should Flora frame her renovation proposal to them?  Be specific.  Think of this proposal meeting as a negotiation, where Flora needs to understand and appeal to each of the sibling stakeholders from both a family perspective (e.g., continuity, harmony, etc.) and a business perspective (e.g., costs, possible financing alternatives, etc.).Question 2 
Should the family renovate the restaurant?  Why or why not?Answering Case Questions:

  • Responses which are purely opinion and anecdotal are not considered to be substantive in nature.
  • Each question response should provide depth of analysis, significant insight, and application to at least one course concept.
  • Each question response should include at least one external source (outside of course material).
  • Make it easy to find your different responses by using a heading for each question (e.g., Question 1, Question 2).
  • Do not mix responses together.
  • Review the Case Analysis Grading Rubric.  A Turnitin score of 20% or less is required.  Must submit to Turnitin Check link first.

Case Analysis Submission Process:
Step 1:  Turnitin Check for Case Analysis (REQUIRED:  Submit Here First Before Forum)
First, submit your Case Analysis as a Microsoft Word file to the Case Analysis assignment link via the submission box shown below.
A Turnitin score will be generated.  If not at 20% or less, resubmit assignment until threshold is achieved.
Allow 24 hours for Turnitin report generations.Step 2:  Case Analysis Forum (REQUIRED:  Submit to Forum After Turnitin Check)
Second, once your Case Analysis has received a Turnitin score of 20% or less, copy and paste the same information/assignment to the Case Analysis Forum link. 
You must submit your Case Analysis to the forum for final grading.External Sources:

  • Two credible external sources to support information required, one for each question response (eg., Question 1 and 2 each have an external source).

Assigned textbook chapters from the course do not count as external sources.
Review the Case Analysis Grading Rubric.  A Turnitin score of 20% or less is required.  Submit to Turnitin Check link first.Turnitin Requirements:

  • For each case analysis, your similarity score must meet a threshold of no more than 20%.

A case analysis with greater than 20% similarity must be revised and resubmitted to Turnitin until the 20% threshold is achieved.
For resubmissions, it may take up to 24 hours for a new similarity score.
It is the student’s responsibility to allow enough time for Turnitin report generations and resubmission of their assignment to Turnitin if their initial report did not meet the 20% threshold.
A case analysis with more than 20% threshold will receive a zero.

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