characteristics of an unhealthy relationship

Part I: Describe the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship in the workplace. Just like personal relationships, workplace relationships can be both healthy or unhealthy. The nature of one’s relationships in the workplace can relate to job satisfaction and success in that workplace. Describe three characteristics that would exemplify an unhealthy relationship with coworkers and/or managers.

Part II: It is not uncommon to seek advice on relationships in popular media such as television, magazines, radio talk shows, self-help books/programs. Find a substantial example from a popular media source where relationship advice is given to improve workplace relationships. If you cannot locate an example you may use one of the samples provided below. Answer the following:
•What sort of information is included? Provide a brief overview of the advice given.
•Compare the advice given based on what you have learned from the reading and course and what was stated in the media. 
•Is diversity or a diverse workplace considered and/or mentioned within the media example you have selected? Why would it be important to consider diversity within the workplace, when examining workplace relationships?
•Using what was learned in our course and text, discuss three ways to add to/improve the advice given and make it more credible.
Assessment should be at least 2 pages in length. Support with cited evidence from the reading and/or other sources as needed by including a list of informal citations. Include an informal list of resources at the end of the assessment for all sources used. APA is not required. Although if you are directly quoting something or someone other than yourself that must be in quotation marks. (See notes at the seminar level for more information on APA and citations)