Choose 5 questions from the 10 and each answer must be one page


Answer 5 of the 10 questions.  Answer them completely.  Eachquestion should take approximately one typed page (one inchmargins, 12 point) to answer.  Use examples from the text andfrom your own life!  100 points

1. Explain why/how a predator can control its prey’s density (number ina given area).  Explain how a predator controls prey diversity

(number of different species).

2. Explain the difference between orientation and navigation.  

Use examples.3. Compare migration with short distance habitat selection.  What arethe differences?  What are the similarities?4. What is polyandry?  What are its costs and benefits?5. What is a tradeoff?  Give a real life animal, plant, and human

example.6. Describe the “Economics of Territoriality”.  (Use our text and other toresearch this concept.)   7.  Explain the controversy about non-humans (apes) learning     sign language to “communicate”.8.  Why do animals court?  List reasons discussed in class and

 give brief examples.

9. Why do most animals have two sexes?  Why not one, three,

 or four???

10. Dream up three quality questions for possible use for future       Animal Behavior II exams.  Include answers to all three questions.