Community health scorecards are a great way of tracking progress in

BHA 3002 Unit V

Question 1


How would you describe the difference between a community health mission and the mission of a hospital or clinic medical facility? How would you set about creating a mission statement for a Community Health Partners Coalition type organization?


Question 2


Community health scorecards are a great way of tracking progress in improving the health of a community. What dimensions would you be sure to include in your own community health scorecard? And what are some community health examples of specific measures to include?


Question 3


Review the website of the National Association of Community Health Centers and the Case Example provided from the Billings Gazette.

http:/ /www.

http:/ /billingsgazette. com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming/article_3d688a54-dfec-11df-b04a-001cc4c002e0.html

Why are so many U.S. communities now applying for community health center grants and seeking ongoing federal funding for a community health center? Would you consider a career in managing a community health center? Why, or why not?


Question 4


As you are learning in this unit, community health is about much more than a hospital or a clinic facility. It involves a diverse group of organizations and individuals, extending far beyond the traditional definition of “medical care.” Consider your own real world community – the city, town, or county where you live. For the purpose of this discussion, you have just been appointed to serve on the Community Health Partners Organization, which is a coalition that is working to improve the health of your community. What will be your top priorities for improving health in your real world community? State your own top-five, three-year goals for Community Health Partners, including a brief description for each goal and a target.

Feel free to refer to the Community Health Partners example in your textbook for some ideas if you like.


BHA 3002 Unit V: Community Health

BHA3002 Unit V: Community Health

BHA/3002 Unit V: Community Health