Conceptuall history psychology | Psychology homework help

1.        Using an example of human behaviour discuss the three main themes/debates that have occupied psychological thought throughout the history of psychology.


2.        Describe the scientific advances during renaissance with particular reference to the new scientific method, rationalism and empiricism and their methods of investigation using examples to show how these methods were applied


3.        Identify the official beginning of psychology as a science and describe the different types of research methods used and the type of research they were used for


4.        Define Gestalt psychology, discuss how it was developed and describe some of the gestalt laws of perception


5.        Define and describe the development of the school of thought in psychology known as behavioursim and discuss classical conditioning by outlining Pavlov’s experiment and the concepts of conditioned and unconditioned stimulus and response


6.        Describe the focus of psychoanalysis as a school of thought and discuss Freud’s concept of the unconscious


7.        Identify 5 breakthroughs in scientific knowledge from the 19th and early 20th century and discuss the ways by which they altered our understanding of brain functioning and opened the way to biological psychology.


8.        Define emotions, identify the two theoretical controversies surrounding them and describe three theories of emotion using examples