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Course Project Outline

Now  that you have decided which format (PowerPoint or instructional guide)  you will be using and you have some strategies for overcoming barriers,  it’s time to do some serious research and put together an outline of  your project. Think of that outline as the roadmap for the direction your project will take. 

You should plan to do some research beyond your textbook.  Please create a Word document that lists at least four references (in APA format) for  sources that you plan to use with your project. It does not have to be  your final list, just intended to get you started, and it’s not set in  stone. But, please remember to use scholarly sources, which do not include Wikipedia.

In addition to your reference list, please submit an outline  showing the flow or order of your project. Spending time on the outline  really makes completing the project much easier, as many of you  probably already know. Your instructor will give you feedback on your  assignment to make sure that you are still heading in the right  direction. Keep up the good work!