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Based on the Crew Resource Management (CRM) work you have done throughout this course, you are now called on to act as a consultant to apply your knowledge to other industries that have an existing CRM program that would be beneficial to employees and organizations to reduce human error and improve employee efficiency.

Select one agency that employs a CRM program.

Research how this agency employed a CRM program in a similar or different way than was identified in the aviation article from Week 2,

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you provide evidence of how this CRM program was implemented. Include the following in your response:

  • Distinguish between various team concepts as they relate to performance during and after this training program.
  • Explain the difference between leaders and managers, as well as the influence and power they may have on the success of this program.
  • Evaluate at least two theories of leadership and the role that leaders utilizing these theories play in facilitating this program.
  • Analyze the general effects on the organization that may result from this program, referencing the concepts of organizational development and various organizational theories.

APA  references (at least 3) and in-text citations 


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