Daisy arabella only | Psychology homework help

  and for the as follows:

1. At least two single spaced pages, font Times Roman 12.

2. Include the following sections: (a) What was, in your opinion, the purpose of that movie/video? (b) What are the sections/sentences/scenes that were the most significant to you? Why? (c) How can you use the knowledge that you learned from this movie in your life (offer practical and specific guidelines related to specific parts of the movies/videos)?

3. If your answers are not specific and not related to your values, interests, passion, etc. you will receive no credit. If you make only generalizations or the content of your paper can be used or applied to any of the other students, you will receive no credit.

Inspirational Movie Scenes

Watch this 30-min video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DHLkpuj_6I&list=PLeowWyF1EWq5WPaxhziKvuOSHknYLMPlw&index=17 and follow the instructions I have provided in this folder to complete your assignments.