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Definition   and Value Assignment 


Write   a 1-2 page (not including title page or references) paper using a minimum of   three scholarly references. Include a definition of public health and then   select an achievement of the U.S. public health system. Build support for   this achievement which includes recent data/outcomes and recommendations for   future improvements as pulled from the online library. Some ideas for this   assignment could be emergency preparedness, immunizations, infant mortality,   safer food and water, tobacco use, etc.

Your   paper should include: 

· An introduction to public health (one paragraph)

· Definition and why you selected this definition (one   paragraph)

· Description of the U.S. public health system achievement   selected and support for that achievement (two to three paragraphs)

· Recommendations for continued future improvements (two   paragraphs), 

· Conclusion (one paragraph).

  Save   your file as a Word Document (.doc or docx).
Include the term Definition and your First   Name when saving your file. Example: Definition_David.docx
Upload your completed   document using the Browse button, and then click the Submit   button. 


Points   Possible: 30

3   points for introduction

15   points for paper body

2   points for conclusion

5   points for use of writing guidelines