Describe an intelligence theory part 1 then part 2

Part 1 of the assignment- Point out key points summerizing any intelligence theory that intrigues you (excluding those on the piaget’s stages of cognitive development and gardner’s multiple intelligences). Both theories have already been used so I cant use them. After picking out the key points or summarizing of the intelligence theory of your choosing list those key points with bullets next to them and then underneath those bulletins of key points, write in greater detail about the theory itself, using at least one, quote/citation within the text in a matter of 200-300 words.


Part two of the assignment– in a seperate section first write key facts or points next to bullet points pertaining to summerizing these theories below and then underneath each of those describe in greater detail with at least one quote/citation per bulletin in 200-300 words (as was also done above). However each bullet point below should be explained and seperate from the next, not all info should be mixed in together; key points and paragraph following each below: 

    • Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences 
    • Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development
  • Compare and contrast the constructs and measures of intelligence and achievement