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 To get full credit for this Discussion Board, you must submit an initial post and respond to at least one classmate’s posting following the guidelines given below.After  completing all three lessons, respond to one of the following using the  guidelines given below. In your post, indicate if you are responding to  A, B or C.A.  What topic in this module did you find most interesting and why?   Perform an online search related to the topic and share with the class  one or more interesting fact(s) you discovered about the topic that was  not presented in either the PowerPoints or the textbook. Please include  the Lesson number (e.g., Lesson 1, Lesson 2, or Lesson 3) and the topic  or concept in the title line for your post.  You must also correctly cite/reference all sources used to research and/or find your interesting fact(s). B.  Which of the topics in this module did you find most relevant to your  everyday life?  Explain how the topic relates to your life and why it is  important to you. Please include the Lesson number (e.g., Lesson 1,  Lesson 2, or Lesson 3) and the topic or concept in the title line for  your post.C.  Watch the following video and talk about what you learned from the  video and how it relates to what you learned in the lessons.https://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-is-bread-fluffy-vinegar-sour-and-swiss-cheese-holey-erez-garty#watch  

Chapter 6: Cellular Respiration: Obtaining Energy from Food 

Chapter 7: Photosynthesis: Using Light to Make Food