Discussion board over video or journal article about genitics and

Okay this is an Extension of Learning discussion board that I hope you will enjoy. For this discussion board you are to go on the web and find a video or journal article that will assist with our understanding of the role of genetics in personality. Because you will not be able to see what others have posted before you post it is possible that you will post the same link. This is a three part discussion board. You are going to go to the databases or to youtube or to google scholar and search for a journal article or video that will extend your knowledge of this topic. (please don’t just post the first thing you find) It should not be too lengthy, i.e. a person should be able to view or read your contribution in ten minutes or less. It CANNOT be from wikipedia or any other .com with the exception of youtube.com and I prefer that it also not be from webmd or the equivlant of that website. You will post your link and a short summary of what your contribution “says”. This summary should be a minimum of 250 words. (do not use the advertising blub or the abstract. This summary should be in your own words.) Then read/view as many of your classmates’ posts as you possibly can and respond to at least 3 of them. When you are reading posts on discussion boards you have the option to rate their posts by the number of stars you give them. They do not know who rated them and see only their compiled rating from all sources. You are expected to rate every contribution that you read or view, except you do NOT have to rate the ones that you respond to.