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Each question should be a minimum of 200 words


Unit 6 Discussion Board Question

After reading the section in the textbook on “Violence in the Media,” reflect on your thoughts regarding this research. Does violent media increase aggression? Is the topic less black and white? 

Include the following in your discussion post:

·         Describe whether you are convinced of the research in the textbook on “Violence in the Media.”

·         Explain why or why not you are convinced.

·         What is the “cause” of aggression? Is it really the media, or is the answer more complicated?

·         Draw on research from the textbook or other resources.


Unit 7 Discussion Board Question

Before beginning this post, reflect on at least one behavior that you could change to support a sustainable future.

Include the following in your discussion post:

·         Describe this behavior (or behaviors).

·         Explain how you can change this behavior to support a sustainable future.

·         Apply social psychology theories to support this change by drawing on information from the textbook or another resource.



Unit 8 Discussion Board Question

Pick a legal issue, and describe how social psychology can be utilized to help address this issue.

What is your opinion of this course? Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for improvement of this course for future students?


PSY 1010 Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

Bans on trans-fat. Limits on the size of fountain drink that can be purchased. In recent years, we are hearing about more and more legislative efforts to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

Identify a unique rule or trend that the health-conscious are citing that you should be aware (such as gluten free, anti carb, non-processed foods). Provide a pro or anti-argument to one of these rules or trends, using a theory identified in this unit. After you formulate your argument, provide a counter argument to someone else’s post. 

Side note: Do you think that these sorts of rules and laws result in an overall healthier population? If yes, why? If no, what else would you suggest?