Discussion question (2 paragraphs) | FPSY 6511 – Treatment of Forensic Populations | Walden University

  Select one of the personality types (i.e., ultracompetitive, positive extrovert, disagreeable businessman, neurotic) discussed in the article “Personality, Environment, and the Causes of White-Collar Crime” that is of particular interest to you.

• Identify a specific treatment approach for treating the type of white-collar offender you selected.

• Conduct an academic search in the Walden Library and select at least one scholarly article from a peer-reviewed journal that features the treatment approach you selected. This treatment approach should demonstrate efficacy with your selected type of white-collar offender.

• Think about the unique characteristics of your selected type of white-collar offender and reflect on any considerations related to the treatment of this type of offender.

• Consider what challenges you might encounter while working with this group of white-collar offenders using the specific treatment approach you selected. Reflect on how you would address these challenges.

Type  a brief description of the research article you selected. Include the type of white-collar offender and the treatment approach. Then describe which treatment outcome model you would use to measure the success of the treatment approach and explain why.