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So many diseases can be prevented if you assess your risk factors and consult your medical professional early on. There is more information available now that can help to keep us healthy and disease free. Visit theWashington University School of Medicine’s Siteman Cancer Center website to assess your risk of the following diseases:



  Heart Disease



Then visit the Dr. Mercola website for information on the ailment that you chose to investigate. What is the recommended activity, diet, or other for health maintenance? 

1.  Take at least one of the disease risk assessments.

2.  Look up one of the Dr. Mercola articles on his database for recommendations for prevention of that disease. 

3.  Write at least 100 words describing the results and what you learned. Compare and contrast information from the Washington University and the Dr. Mercola article(s). 

4.  Submit your assignment using the link below.

5.  This assignment is due by midnight Sunday night.


Click below to visit the website and take one or more disease risk assessments :


Click here to visit the Dr. Mercola website and enter the disease name in the search box for articles.