Do seeds grow faster with more sun.


Do seeds grow faster with more sun

You can pick the type of seed (should be fast growing), and the parameter to change (light, water, etc.)

– You will pick an experiment from a list, write a design for it, and run the experiment over the course of several weeks. You will collect and interpret data, make graphs, and finally write up a scientific report on your experiment. It should include all the parts of a typical research paper including abstract, introduction and statement, limitations of your study, methods and materials, the main body of the paper, data, charts & graphs, and a conclusion. Like all your other assignments, it should be written in clear, easy to read English with no spelling or grammatical errors. Don’t forget to include charts or graphs! I will be grading on the following criteria:

1. Your experiment is on one of the allowed topics.

2. The format is correct, including clearly defined topical areas such as materials & methods, results, discussion.

3. Be sure to include your hypothesis, including a null hypothesis.

4. Discuss your experimental design in methods & materials.

5. Show your results in a table, be sure to include graphs for your data.

6. Be sure to actually discuss what you learned in your conclusion – and what you would do differently if you tried this again.

7. Use proper English, including grammar and spelling.

I attached the best example of this assignment, but my won’t similar with that.

and also I attached my planner below.