Does liability insurance protect the provider from being sued? or

1.Does liability insurance protect the provider from being sued? Or does it simply protect his assets? How does insurance work?


2.If malpractice is a problem in this country, what should health care providers do to keep it from happening? What protections should they have in place to try to prevent negligence?


3.Is it possible to always do the job exactly as it is supposed to be done? Even in healthcare? What is the “standard of care” that a provider is expected to meet?


4.Documentation is very important in any healthcare setting, not only to help protect the provider from lawsuits, but also to help the provider treat the patient. However, is it necessary to document every detail of the visit? Or can the doctor just highlight the important information? Does the answer change depending upon what the situation is? Does change depending upon the patient?


5.What is an agency relationship? Who are the parties to it? How is this type of relationship relative to antitrust and/or ACO’s, if at all?



6.Are nurses always the agents of the physician? What about in a hospital setting? What about in a nursing home?