Dq 3 | Psychology homework help


  • Apply two ethical theories from the Case Study Scenario Part 3 interactive in this unit’s studies to the case study scenarios in Units 1 and 2.
  • Choose which theory would help you make the most ethical decision for the issues presented in the case study scenarios.



Review Part 3


Jenny: I do not know Rhonda, something about this just does not seem right to me. Should I teach the biopsych course even though I have had almost no experience? I mean, why me?


Rhonda: Yeah, have you ever noticed how whenever a problem crops up at the last minute, it is always up to one of us to come in and save the day?


Jenny: I just do not get it. None of the full professors ever gets overloaded like this. Why did Ben not go to Alan? Do you think it is because we are not full professors yet or maybe it is because we are women?


Rhonda: I do not know. It seems like an old boys club to me. I bet if they asked Alan teach the class they would have offered to pay to pay him something extra. They did not offer to pay you something extra, did they?


Jenny: No, of course not.


Rhonda: See what I mean?


Jenny: Yeah, (sigh) something about it just is not right.




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