Dq 7 | Psychology homework help

As we come to our final discussion board, we are ending our own group of sorts. For this Discussion Board, you will write a dialogue that might occur during a final group session. Include a leader and 2 or 3 members as you write. Aim for 10 -12 entries for the dialogue and 3 leader comments to pursue your emphasized member function.

 Use one of the “member functions” on page 318 of your textbook (9th ed.) to focus your discussion. Center the discussion on one of those points. The leader functions may also help you understand the group leader role. (The page number, 318, is for the instructor’s edition. Someone let me know if this is the incorrect page number for you. The member functions are listed in a pink box in my book. The “member functions” in the ending stage are also found on page 57 in the workbook, 2nd ed.). Below is a brief example of 5 conversation entries to clarify what I am asking. Your post should include 10 -12 entries of conversation.


Leader: As we begin our final time together, I want to hear from you about how you are going to reinforce and continue to improve on what you have learned without the weekly support of our group?

Member 1: Well, can’t we just keep meeting every Monday night.           

Member 2: You know we can’t do that.

[Silence] no one talks

Leader: So, what do you think about my question?

Member 3: I think it is going to be really difficult. This group has meant a lot to me. I don’t really have people in my life who listen the way you all listen to me and  .  .  .