Due 7/15 – psychology discussion questions

Discussion 1 – Explain in 100-150 Words

Why is problem solving considered the highest level of mental activity? What makes an individual skillful at solving problems? Explain your answer.

Discussion 2 – Explain in 100-150 Words

What is the most difficult step in the decision making process? Explain why.

Discussion 3 – Explain in 100-150 Words

Watch the “Make Up Your Mind” video located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.


Discuss the video.


Discussion 4 – Explain in 100-150 Words


Watch the “Sheena Iyengar- The Art of Choosing” video located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.  http://digital.films.com/PortalViewVideo.aspx?xtid=48541

Discuss the video.


Discussion 5 – Explain in 100-150 Words


Reflect on the process associated with reasoning and discuss the following:

Consider the following choice. I will give you a free $5 bill, no strings attached. Optionally, I will allow you to flip a coin: heads you win $10, tails you win nothing. Do you want the $5, or do you want to flip the coin? What does expected value theory tell you that you should do? Does this accurately represent your feeling about the decision?


Discussion 6 – Explain in 100-150 Words

Problem Solving


Reflect on the process associated with problem solving and discuss the following:  When trying to solve a problem, you might have been instructed to “stop thinking about it and come back to it later.” Based on what you have learned this week about impasses, do you think this is good advice? Why or why not?