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          In my own words, I would define a growth mindset as being open to opportunities that are presented to you. I would define a fixed mindset as you accept things as they are and don’t see any way of changing them. A situation where I have had a fixed mindset was in high school. I always dreaded gym class because I was always convinced I was terrible at anything remotely athletic. I can honestly laugh about it now, but I did get teased a lot and I was usually chosen last when teams were picked. I was often told by a lot of people how bad I was at sports, so I believed it and it definitely became a fixed mindset. I would enter gym class just believing I would do bad at whatever was on the schedule that day, and because I so strongly believed it, I usually would do poorly. Some days I simply wouldn’t try at all. These days I am still not great at any sports, but I have discovered areas of physical activity that I do enjoy. Instead of listening to other people’s opinions of me, and making excuses to try to get out of playing things like basketball for example, I could have given these activities more effort and maybe tried to find something I was good at or at least enjoyed, even if a little. I had a bad habit in high school, where I would be told that I made a mistake at something one time and so I would avoid it and never try it again. I think I robbed myself of a lot of opportunities for growth and experiences, because I too often had a fixed mindset. This was not only true in gym class, but also other areas in high school. 

          The more I read this week about the definition and what it means to have a growth mindset, the more I understand the absolute importance of it. I can see the need for having a growth mindset, no matter your age or what level of school you are currently at. As a college student, I should always be willing to explore my full potential in school. I should be willing to push through whatever is thrown my way. I should use this practice instead of letting that little voice from a past experience tell me I don’t understand it or I have never been good at that. Having a growth mindset will help me stay focused and keep pushing forward as I strive toward my degree. Instead of taking the easy way out and giving up when I get stressed, or something seems too hard I need to be willing to see this through until I am holding that degree in my hands.


peer two:


Dear Instructor and Classmates,

*In your own words, define the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset.

                My definition of having a fixed mindset is believing that everyone’s learning abilities are restricted by nature and we are born with only a certain amount of information that we are capable of learning and using.

                My definition of having a growth mindset is believing that everyone’s learning abilities is constantly growing by nurture and our actively learning ability will constantly grow and never know any limits.            

*Describe a situation (i.e. personal, professional, or academic) where you had a fixed mindset. What thoughts did you have or comments did you make to reflect a fixed mindset?

                After I graduated high school with a “B” average and then my brother’s graduated with an “A” average I truly believed in the you learn with what you are born with. My one brother has an ionic memory and getting “A’s” in school wasn’t difficult for him to achieve. My other brother can remember and repeat anything he hears and getting “A’s” in school wasn’t difficult for him to achieve either. However, I have to read, reread, and write everything down in order for me to retain information. I’m a very hand on learner, so when I started college the fall after high school I struggled. I truly believed that I was only capable of learning in a certain way and I eventually just gave up and quit school.

*How could you have changed your thoughts to reflect this idea of a growth mindset?

                My first time that I went to college I should have gone to Ashford University because it wasn’t until my first class at Ashford that I was introduced to actively learning and to learn that the brain can develop like a muscle, constantly changing. I actually was given real hope when I learned this new finding. When I first started to go to school I should have done my own research to find out that I can actually be a better person.


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