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I need to send a email to respond to this email below

according to the website policy the turn around time was 4-5 business days. this is first time the individual has referred to a company policy of 10-15 daHs turnaround. You did state that the revision would take longer however you put in an email that I should expect my revision on Jan 19. The revision Was submitted on Jan 7th 

So yes I am upset for the company taking so long. When we spoke on Friday two question were asked about references and if I wanted to use providers or patients very simple revisions. So Yes I hold people to their word, it has been 15 working days nothing has been submitted. 



Copied from company’s website 

  • We offer ultra-fast turnaround times, often completing sections within 4-5 business days. We also have the ability to work within even more stringent timelines, if necessary.

Email recieved from college company


I do want to reiterate to you the phone discussion we had regarding the revisions. Our company policy states that revisions are typically handled between 10 and 15 days; however, can be longer based on the type of revisions needed. Before starting this project, I did talk to you on the phone about these revisions and mentioned how they are extensive and that longer time may be required. I know we touched base on Friday regarding the revisions where the analyst had a few questions for you; however, I do want you to know that she has continued to ensure that the changes and revisions she has made are appropriate and in alignment with your professor’s comments. I have reached out to the analyst and informed her of your turnaround time, as she has been aware since beginning the revisions. She is making the changes as quickly as she can so that she can get it back to you in a submission-ready format. She has reported that she will get these revisions back to me tomorrow, so I will most certainly forward these on to you once I have received, reviewed and approved them.


In the meantime, I have copied our CEO, Clark Guo to this email so if you have any further questions regarding our revisions policy you can ask either one of us. I do truly appreciate your business and your allowing us to work with you, and please know we are doing this as quickly and efficiently as possible. I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow and have a good evening.