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Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. – expert on human memory

Misinformation effect, fallibility of eyewitness memory, false memories, and the controversy of recovered memories of childhood sexual trauma. Also, psychological scientist who developed important, replicable experimental paradigms: “lost in the mall” technique

Through theory, research, and practice (especially in legal settings), Dr. Loftus demonstrated…

The Malleability of Memory

“Many influences can cause memories to change or even be created anew, including our imaginations and the leading questions or different recollections of others. The knowledge that we cannot rely on our memories, however compelling they might be, leads to questions about the validity of criminal convictions that are based largely on the testimony of victims or witnesses. Our scientific understanding of memory should be used to help the legal system to navigate this minefield.”

– Elizabeth Loftus

Nature Reviews: Neuroscience (2003)



Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. – TED Talk (2013)